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Structured innovation

There are many ideas. Too many. Most ideas fizzle out or fail. You will never become a successful, profitable innovation in the market. TOM SPIKE’s structured innovation combines innovation methods with industry experience to create crystal-clear architectures for innovation success.

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What will the products and services of tomorrow be? What does the customer want tomorrow? We’ll find out together.

Innovation and a unique position determine the future of your company? Do you want to achieve great things and don’t know where to start?

“Innovation? Show me the business case first!” Get business case & argumentation for your future success.

A profitable innovation is needed. Fast. And the shot has to be right! This miracle only lasts a few months.

Complex challenges and tricky problems? 10 patent ideas you should have? Develop invention disclosures for your core business now in the 3-day workshop.

Contacts are worth their weight in gold. Especially for innovation. Stop torturing yourself with frustrating cold calling and exhaustive B2B networking.

1000 ideas – no innovation? When everyone is lost in the day-to-day business and the unique position in the market fails to materialize.

Get to know the principles and methods of design thinking to drive innovation in your company.

Structured innovation

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Dr.-Ing. Henryk Stöckert

030 – 89 64 72 09

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