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Innovation coaching

Questions, answers and support in specific cases. Innovation coaching helps anyone who is looking for flexible orientation, sparring and individual support in the innovation process rather than major support.

What is

Innovation coaching for individual support for innovation success

Compact initial coaching to take stock, then regular digital or face-to-face appointments to guide progress.

Whether you want to develop an innovation strategy, plan an ideation challenge or develop the next innovation success on the market. There are often phases of disorientation and a desire for exchange. Just listen to what has worked elsewhere. Reflect your own ideas. Get helpful tips for faster success. Innovation coaching is suitable for this.

Most common use cases for innovation coaching

  • Lack of clarity and structure for the right approach to innovation projects
  • Missing or weak ideas and lack of implementation of ideas
  • Difficult communication and convincing customers and managers
  • Challenges in team leadership, conflict management and project management
  • Lack of initiative in the team and difficult to act in times of great uncertainty

Service details:

Innovation coaching

is ideal for:

  • Managers with an interest in sparring and exchange
  • Young teams with little experience in innovation
  • Ambitious innovators with a small budget
  • Companies that do not want to see consultants in the foreground (white label)

Advantages at a glance

All Answers to your questions
10 Tips, tricks & tools you didn’t know yet
3 Tangible improvements in innovation management
0 Visibility of an external management consultancy



  • 4-hour coaching kick-off with clarification of needs, stocktaking, understanding the context and initial clarification.
  • 12 coaching hours divided into 3 to 8 appointments.
  • Current reflection on the situation and challenges in each case.
  • Inputs and discussion based on hundreds of industrial projects from other companies.
  • Concrete tasks and agreed objectives for the next appointments.
  • Addition of further hours and services as required.

How we work


At any time:

  1. Clear goals for coachee and company
  2. Flexible prioritization of current topics
  3. Concrete topic processing (theory & philosophy as required)
  4. Involvement of further experts where necessary
  5. … back to 1.

Coaching at eye level, strengthening entrepreneurial action and helping people to help themselves for directly implementable improvements.

In the end, they have


Clarity on how you can make innovation a success.

Self-confidence to do the right thing.

Arguments to convince managers and colleagues.

Sovereignty in the implementation of innovation projects.

Voices of satisfied customers

Don't leave invention disclosures to chance any longer!

Structured invention saves time and delivers higher degrees of novelty.
The inventions actually fit your core business and suit the respective patent situation. An effective approach to technological innovation.

Target group

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