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Everyone has ideas. Good ideas are the needle in the haystack. Brainstorming hardly gives you a competitive edge. Create innovative ideas with a well-organized team! Ideation for products, business models and complex problems in a few hours. For real inventions in a few days.

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What will the products and services of tomorrow be? What does the customer want tomorrow? We’ll find out together.

Complex challenges and tricky problems? 10 patent ideas you should have? Develop invention disclosures for your core business now in the 3-day workshop.

Get to know the principles and methods of design thinking to drive innovation in your company.

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Finding innovation potential

Together we find opportunities for innovation on the market. Suitable for your company. With validated sales opportunities.


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First innovations in partnership with your company. Prototype, business case and implementation included.


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A successful approach needs to be repeated. Other divisions are following suit. A culture of innovation emerges.

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Innovation is persuasion. Many people first have to be convinced that innovation can be learned, that creativity is not a mysterious character trait and that everyone is capable of developing patent-ready solutions. Because mountains can only be moved when many people pull together. White papers are a good means of persuasion. They are free of charge, practically oriented and can be read by anyone without any entry barriers.


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Idea generation in companies: Challenges and successful approaches

In today’s fast-moving business world, the ability to develop innovative ideas in companies is crucial for long-term success. However, a company’s ability to innovate can be hindered by various challenges. This article highlights the key challenges and successful approaches to promoting idea development in companies.

Key challenges in idea generation

Ide development in companies can be hindered in various ways. Here are eight key challenges:

  • Cultural barriers and lack of innovation culture

    Company culture can be a significant barrier to idea development. In many organizations, there is still a fear of making mistakes that discourages employees from expressing new ideas. This “climate of fear” can significantly hinder creativity and the spirit of innovation.

  • Lack of diversity and teams full of experts

    If teams are homogeneous and have similar backgrounds and perspectives, there is a risk that they get stuck in entrenched thought patterns. The lack of diversity can significantly limit the range of ideas generated.

  • Lack of communication and collaboration

    Ide development requires close collaboration and sharing of ideas between different departments and teams. If communication in a company is not efficient, valuable ideas may not be recognized or utilized.

  • Unclear innovation strategy

    Companies need a clear innovation strategy and goals to guide idea development. Without a clear roadmap, ideas can be aimless and make no contribution to company development.


Successful approaches to successful ideation in companies

Despite these challenges, there are proven approaches, to promote the development of ideas in companies. Here are eight successful approaches:

  • Create a culture that promotes innovation and strengthen skills in visionary thinking

    Companies should promote a culture that supports innovation and idea development. This requires open communication, accepting mistakes as learning opportunities, and rewarding creative contributions. In addition, employees need the ability to think beyond their learned mental blocks.

  • Clear communication and collaboration

    Effective communication and collaboration between departments and teams is crucial. Companies should introduce platforms and processes that facilitate the exchange of information.

  • Clear innovation strategy understood by everyone

    A clear innovation strategy with clear goals and milestones is crucial. This strategy should provide the direction for idea development. Only when everyone knows in which direction ideas are desired will useful results follow. And only if these ideas are then implemented will the motivation remain to continue to develop ideas and express them openly.

  • Innovation methods and creative techniques

    Ideas differ. Business model ideas are developed differently than inventions or product ideas. The right method at the right time allows breakthrough ideas to be created when they are needed. You don’t have to hope for chance.


TOM SPIKE supports the creation of top notch ideas in companies

An external stimulus is often the most important driving force for developing ideas. TOM SPIKE takes on the role of an outsider who brings an understanding of the industry and asks important, uncomfortable questions. With joint innovation workshops, we develop the best ideas with the teams in the company. For the ideas, inventions, patents, products, technologies, business models and innovations of tomorrow.