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Consulting approach for B2B companies

TOM SPIKE supports industrial and technology companies in achieving a unique position in the market - by creating innovations. Creating innovations is important for most companies, but it is not a real day-to-day business. Especially in B2B companies where the cycles are long. Medium-sized and large companies sometimes struggle with very different challenges. Faltering innovations, no market success, difficulties in assessing success, lack of a business case or trivial optimizations instead of high leaps in innovation are some of them. As an innovation consultancy, we rely on our many years of industry experience and specialist knowledge in all types of innovation.

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There are two key differences with TOM SPIKE
to many other consulting approaches.


TOM SPIKE accompanies your innovation projects from the first thought "we want to be innovative" to market success. TOM SPIKE has successfully gone through this entire process many times. We work together at every level right up to the final step. With the company management as well as with the project team, production and sales.


At TOM SPIKE, we see a concrete, successful innovation project as the essential basis for any innovation approach. Our many years of experience have shown that extensive change projects, cultural change or innovation labs cannot be the first step. Only much later can this be effective in successfully establishing innovation in the company.

Continuous change management, stakeholder management and psychological principles serve to ensure successful cooperation with all interest groups. The people behind TOM SPIKE are engineers with degrees and doctorates, marketing experts, mechanical engineers, communication trainers, process and software engineers, sociologists, entrepreneurs and last but not least: simply people

We understand structured innovation as innovation

… in a planned and controlled manner. Faster and more mature results. Repeatable through learnable methodology. Independent of flashes of inspiration and individual geniuses.

Don't leave invention disclosures to chance any longer!

Structured invention saves time and delivers higher degrees of novelty.
The inventions actually fit your core business and suit the respective patent situation. An effective approach to technological innovation.

Innovation consulting that creates added value

We create added value for our customers through the joint implementation of specific innovation projects. In order to lead these projects to success, we rely on innovation workshops, individual or team coaching and accompanying innovation training. We offer every other form of innovation consulting for company management, management and employees as required. For example, innovation presentations, customer interviews, patent research, or anything else that is necessary for successful innovation. The customer benefits are time savings in innovation in the form of drastic acceleration, increased chances of success for innovation projects on the market, higher degrees of innovation and an overall increase in the company’s innovative capacity. Products, services and business models are designed more quickly, are supported by all employees and have a much longer competitive life.

Innovation consulting for sustainable success on the market - from start to finish

We work closely with product development, marketing, production and other stakeholders to support innovation in companies. This includes a look at the innovation strategy as well as individually selected, tried-and-tested and new innovation methods. After a compact project kick-off on site, further support is provided selectively in workshops and remotely in between. Minimally invasive by telephone, web conference and drop-in visit to accommodate even the tightest schedules.

This is how we support our customers from the very first request for innovation. Starting in the very early discovery phase with the company management. Followed by the market and target group analysis and decision. This is followed by project design, customer, market and trend analysis, idea and concept development, concept evaluation and selection, through to rapid prototypes and handover to detailed development and implementation. In each case with extensive customer and user contact. A very valuable, but not always easy task, especially in B2B. All in all, a proven approach for targeted innovation success. You will find important components in the overview of our consulting services.

Results of successful innovation consulting

The concrete results of our collaboration are successful innovations that increase competitiveness and inspire customers. On the way there, transparently visualized market and customer needs, newly developed and evaluated solution concepts, success metrics and a clear view of future generations of innovation are created. All results are developed and processed in such a way that they can be easily reused. For internal communication and for the future continuation of innovation projects. Furthermore, the results are an effective innovation system for repeatable innovation success, increasing employee and customer satisfaction and a very clear return on investment ROI.

Key factors in TOM SPIKE's consulting services


They benefit from the fact that TOM SPIKE are entrepreneurs who have led innovations to success in many different ways. This gives you the certainty that the procedures work. Not on paper, but in reality!


TOM SPIKE is a companion on a shared path to innovation success. We get involved at all levels, going with you to the customer, to production and to the Management Board to achieve the desired success.

Ambition and enthusiasm

Innovation is discipline and hard work that must be accompanied by fun and enthusiasm. This is the only way to achieve the unthinkable. TOM SPIKE will inspire you and your team to innovate.

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