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Innovation methods

If you only have a hammer, you only see nails everywhere.
A wide range of innovation tools and methods enables us to provide tailor-made answers. And ensure your innovation success.

Innovation methods for companies

Evolution has made humans what they are. This includes strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses can be compensated for by effective innovation methods. These innovation methods help to make good decisions, develop suitable ideas and make projects more successful.

How TOM SPIKE uses innovation methods

Tools are aids. People still have to think. For TOM SPIKE, innovation methods are therefore only ever companions and never take the lead in the project.

Use cases for innovation methods at TOM SPIKE:

  • Structuring projects with suitable methods
  • Design of innovation workshops
  • Combination of known methods to create effective overall processes
  • Development of new methods where ‘best practices’ are simply not good enough.
  • Teaching skills for the application of methods in training courses

The advantage of this is that TOM SPIKE never follows an ideological methodology. Your individual goal is always in the foreground.