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Groundbreaking technical ideas, inventions and concepts are developed with TRIZ. Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is the secret tool of the best technology innovators in the Old Economy and all industries where hardware, physics, materials science, inventions or patents are crucial.

Overview of our services for: TRIZ

What will the products and services of tomorrow be? What does the customer want tomorrow? We’ll find out together.

Innovation and a unique position determine the future of your company? Do you want to achieve great things and don’t know where to start?

A profitable innovation is needed. Fast. And the shot has to be right! This miracle only lasts a few months.

Complex challenges and tricky problems? 10 patent ideas you should have? Develop invention disclosures for your core business now in the 3-day workshop.


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TRIZ as a method for technology innovation and disruptive, future-oriented thinking

Inventive problem solving TRIZ is the most powerful toolbox for technology innovation. TRIZ helps to specifically solve complex technological challenges and provides clear guidelines for creating targeted inventions. The most important skills that TRIZ offers for innovation are:

Key skills and strengths of the TRIZ method

Like design thinking, lean startup and every method, TRIZ can’t do everything. The greatest strengths of TRIZ include:

  • No-compromise technical solutionseliminates seemingly insoluble technical conflicts
  • Future forecasts for products, technology or business modelsCreate forecasts for the future of technical and other systems
  • Radically different solution approaches with disruptive potentialOvercome of mental blocks and entrenched approaches for the really best ideas

Best-known tools and tools from TRIZ

TRIZ is divided into the classic tools and the modern further developments . The best-known tools and tools from TRIZ are:

  • Contradiction MatrixThe matrix is used for the guided and repeatable resolution of technical conflicts, which are otherwise usually only avoided with lazy compromises
  • The 40 inventive principlesThe principles serve as an inspirational aid, template and pattern to solve technical and inventive problems in to be solved in the shortest possible time.
  • Technological evolutionary lawsThe future is uncertain, but not unknowable. With the help of the laws of evolution, future developments can be understood and predicted.
  • Numerous creative approaches and toolsMany other tools make it possible to break down mental thought blocks in order to develop successful ideas without blinders

Suitable use cases for the TRIZ methodology

TRIZ is particularly suitable when there is a clear challenge and the decision has already been made a solution should be found. Use cases are accordingly:

  • Unsolvable technical problem prevents progressA physical law or a technical hurdle stands in the way of a new functionality or radical increase in performance. The requirements are actually clear, but the implementation seems impossible.
  • Complex problem situation prevents innovationEvery conceivable solution brings with it two new problems. The high level of complexity leads to disorientation and a feeling of hopelessness. Hardly anyone believes that there is a solution and everyone relies on lazy compromises.
  • Cloudy view of the future of technology or business modelToo many options, too many opinions and too many ideas prevent everyone from pulling together. Forces cannot be pooled because everyone has a different idea about what solution the world needs tomorrow.


TOM SPIKE supports TRIZ in technology innovation and product innovation

TRIZ makes smaller contributions to other types of innovation. TOM SPIKE relies on the pragmatic use of TRIZ, apart from the sometimes very scientific excesses. If you want to use TRIZ for your industrial company, then the following service packages could be interesting:

  • Patent Booster Workshop (with TRIZ)Creating groundbreaking technical ideas, patent ideas, Inventions and invention reports within three days in the patent booster workshop.
  • Innovation miracles (overall project)Carry out innovation projects from zero to a decision-ready concept and pitch for company management with the innovation miracle.
  • Time machine for innovationPredicting the future of technical systems and business areas and developing them a consistent business model, industry or product vision with the time machine.
  • Saving the Titanic (with TRIZ)Motivation and team workshop with learning the TRIZ basic building blocks in the interactive (online or offline) case study “Saving the TITANIC..