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Master Class Innovation Training

Work through an innovation project in 4 days, from the first idea of innovation to the decision-ready pitch: Your key to innovation success.

What is

Develop professional innovations. The Master Class shows how!

Immerse yourself in the world of innovation with the “Master Class” training format. You receive clear orientation in the innovation process and learn which methods are suitable when and for what. Using concrete examples and discussing individual challenges, you will take away all the tools you need for successful innovation in your organization.

Why the Master Class for Structured Innovation?

In the Master Class, you will benefit from the experience of TOM SPIKE innovation consultants from a wide range of industries: Theoretical basics and practical insights into how you can use the tools of innovation effectively in your company.

Options for attending the course

Open training in Berlin: Book your place in the Master Class as an individual participant or in small groups. Expand your network with other innovation managers and game changers. Go directly to the dates of the open Master Class training courses for structured innovation of all types of innovation.

In your company: Bring your team up to speed with the latest innovations directly on site. Experienced innovation consultants teach the training content with a focus on your specific requirements. In this way, your entire team learns a common language for innovation as the basis for your innovation success.

Service details:

Master Class Innovation Training

is ideal for:

  • Engineers who want to develop new technologies and solutions to master technical challenges.
  • Developers who want to improve their products and services by applying innovative methods and techniques.
  • Managers who are looking for valuable insights into innovation processes and want to strengthen the innovative power of their team and their company.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop new business models and solutions to successfully scale their company.
  • Decision-makers who want to deepen their understanding of innovation and make well-founded decisions to strengthen their company’s competitiveness.

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More Information

Advantages at a glance

Our Master Classes offer you the unique opportunity to meet with experts from different industries and learn from their experience. You will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also practical insights that will help you to use the tools of innovation effectively in your company.


  • Get a clear, applicable guide to successful innovation.
  • Use different methodologies to drive your innovations forward.
  • Meet innovation managers from various industries and companies.
  • Experience hands-on workshops with practicable solutions.


How will the Master Class be?

  • In the Master Class, we go through innovation from start to finish. Real or fictitious example.
  • Introduction to the topic of innovation.
  • Presentation of suitable tools for innovation projects.
  • Participants apply the tools, present and discuss results.
  • Objective: Participants learn how to use and apply each tool.

How we work

How do you work in the Master Classes?

  • Factual basis & expert knowledge: Use of sound knowledge and external expertise.
  • Integration of the target group: Consideration of the needs and wishes of your customers.
  • Visionary thinking: developing forward-looking ideas and solutions.
  • Translation into reality: Practical feasibility and practicability of your innovations.
  • Commitment to a common vision: creating a shared understanding and commitment.
  • Ready for implementation: concrete action plans and measures for the future.

In the end, they have

In our Master Classes, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but above all practical tools and methods to successfully implement your innovation projects and achieve long-term competitive advantages.

After the Master Classes you are able to:

  1. Understand the needs of markets & customers
  2. Solve complex problems in a structured way
  3. Find innovative, market-revolutionizing solutions
  4. Present pitch-ready prototypes or ideas convincingly

Voices of satisfied customers

Don't leave invention disclosures to chance any longer!

Structured invention saves time and delivers higher degrees of novelty.
The inventions actually fit your core business and suit the respective patent situation. An effective approach to technological innovation.

Target group

References for the Master Class for Structured Innovation

Logo AVS Römer

After the Master Class, uncertainties regarding the procedure have been eliminated and those responsible for innovation are making significantly faster, safer and better progress towards the innovation goal step bystep,” says Michael Absmeier, Head of Development at AVS Römer after attending the Master Class. To the case study


We have filed three new patents outside our core business and the associated products have gone from idea to field test at the end customer in less than 12 months. This used to take three times as long.“, says Dr. Sven Wachter, Head of Development at era-contact GmbH after attending the Master Class. To the case study


Together with our internal competence clusters, we have designed a House of Quality to improve cross-location collaboration on engineered wood products,” say Isabel Sonnleithner and Petra Unger, Team Leaders at Fundermax GmbH, after attending the Master Class. To the case study

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