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Innovation Workshop – lean and effective

Innovation takes time. Time that drains the participants’ chances of success, motivation and perseverance. In day-to-day business, innovation is often delayed. In the end, nobody knows whether the innovation project still makes sense. A compact innovation workshop works wonders here. With the right participants, focused preparation and determined moderation, you can achieve in a few days what would otherwise take months.

Regardless of whether you develop new ideas or want to evaluate and complete existing ideas, our innovation workshops support you in developing promising and well thought-out concepts. Our methods enable employees to develop the best ideas instead of just as many as possible – from the first brainstorming to detailed elaboration.

Idea workshops are primarily used to create targeted ideas for innovative products or services using creativity techniques. After an initial evaluation of ideas, the first approaches are then concretized and deepened. Innovation workshops not only consider the idea, but all relevant aspects for successful innovation. These include, for example, the motivation and orientation of corporate management, customer understanding, technical feasibility, concept evaluation, business case, prototypes, validation in the target group and benchmarks for innovation.

Well organized, a lot of work happens before and after the workshop. The innovation workshop itself is compact and time-saving. The daily business of the participants remains almost undisturbed.

Who are our innovation workshops suitable for?

Company Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Vision
  • Decisions
  • Strategy
Managers & Supervisors
  • Target Alignment
  • Mindset
  • Idea Evaluation
  • Tactics
  • Problem Solving
  • Benchmarks
  • Prototyping
  • Tests
Innovation Teams
  • Ideation
  • Understanding Customers
  • Validation & Business Case
  • Concept Development


Tel. +49 – 30 – 89 64 72 09 or Contact

Innovation workshops

Proven processes, competent moderation and the right participants are the most important success factors for inspiring workshops with excellent results. Depending on whether innovative ideas are to be developed quickly or a specific innovation project is to be implemented, either our innovation workshops lasting several days or an innovation project lasting several months are suitable. Most booked by our customers:

Winter trecking team in the snow on an uphill trail as a symbol for Innovation Basecamp Workshop - TOM SPIKE

Basecamp for Innovation

Kick-off of the company management with a clear decision on the most important fields of innovation.

DMC DeLorean als Symbol für die Innovations-Zeitmaschine - TOM SPIKE Structured innovation

Innovation Time Machine

Trends and realities translated into tangible vision, products or business models of tomorrow.

Hands folding pink paper in a workshop as a symbol for creative invention workshop Patent Booster - TOM SPIKE

Patent Booster

Just 3 days to business-relevant inventions & patent ideas for the next technology innovation.

Design Thinking Workshopteilnehmer

Design Thinking Workshop

Clear understanding of the customers’ pains, needs and what they are willing to pay for.

QFC quality function deployment written on a college block as a symbol for innovation workshop - TOM SPIKE

Innovation QFD Workshop

Niche Positioning and Solution Specification for innovation, enthusiastic customers and market success.

Haven’t found the right innovation workshop yet?
We are happy to help.

Tel. +49 – 30 – 89 64 72 09 or Contact

About innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE

Established companies have their day-to-day business well under control. The innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE supports companies that want to create unique, new products and offers, and have not done so for many years, or are not satisfied with the results.

Innovation efforts often drag on through the company for one to four years. Despite enormous efforts, the market success is often moderate. An important reason why attempts to innovate often lead to frustration and disappointment. Anyone who knows that innovation is a craft and uses the right tools effectively saves frustration. TOM SPIKE accompanies companies that don’t feel like being frustrated with innovation.

Innovation is a Craft

Innovation workshops are a good way to create targeted successes, to enable innovation, to legitimize it and to create groundbreaking results that can never be achieved through individual work and task ping-pong. With the right participants, established workshop formats reliably deliver convincing results.

Of course, innovation workshops are not a panacea for innovation success. Only market success turns an idea into an innovation. And success in the market requires a lot of work in all parts of the company and in the market. The following questions can be solved particularly well in the workshop format:

  • What does the customer of tomorrow want?
  • What challenge do I really have to work on?
  • What innovation strategy do we want to pursue as a company?
  • How can the customer’s need be technically solved?

Are you looking for fresh, groundbreaking products, new business models or innovative services? With TOM SPIKE’s innovation workshops, you create targeted ideas, innovation and market success through a unique, structured approach. Don’t wait any longer for inspiration, book our service packages and benefit from the experience of our innovation consultants.

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