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Finance & Banking

FinTech, InsurTech and robo-consulting move finance and banking companies, as do blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Can startups stand up to the heavyweights? Create the business models for banking and finance of the future!

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Step by step to innovation success


Finding innovation potential

Together we find opportunities for innovation on the market. Suitable for your company. With validated sales opportunities.


Carry out pilot project

First innovations in partnership with your company. Prototype, business case and implementation included.


Develop organization

A successful approach needs to be repeated. Other divisions are following suit. A culture of innovation emerges.

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Innovation in Finance, Banking & Insurance

The finance, banking and insurance industry is changing. Digital products, changing customer requirements, technological progress and legal developments are the order of the day. The transformation goes far beyond individual financial services and apps and shapes the entire industry.

Drivers of innovation in finance, banking & Insurance

Digitalization and Technological Innovations

Digitalization and new technologies are revolutionizing the way financial services are provided. Challenges include the integration of hardware and software components as well as the development of innovative products and services to meet changing needs.

Sustainability and changes in the regulatory environment

Legal requirements, such as in the areas of environmental protection and ethical banking , drive change. The industry is faced with the challenge of developing sustainable business models and meeting regulatory requirements.

Data security and customer trust

Increasing networking requires special measures with regard to data security and the protection of privacy. How can finance, banking and insurance companies maintain customer trust in a digital world?

New business models and partnerships

The financial landscape is being transformed by innovative business models and partnerships. How can companies in the industry generate new sources of income and enter into strategic partnerships without becoming dependent?

What support can innovation consulting provide in finance, banking & Offer insurance?

Innovation consulting helps to rethink and transform vision and strategy. For a new unique position in finance, banking & Insurance industry:

Design of innovation strategies

Development of clear visions for the future in order to reach, inspire and retain target groups. With today’s approaches to tomorrow’s offerings.

Operational support for faster market success

Breaking established patterns and promoting innovative ability through targeted workshops and experiments.

Organizational development for increased innovative ability

Long-term development of innovation skills and building an institutionalized innovation capability in finance, banking & Insurance industry. This includes adapting structures, patterns and cultures. But also the skills development of individual or many employees.

This is how TOM SPIKE accompanies innovation in finance, banking & Insurance

Together we develop your products, services and business models of the future. TOM SPIKE helps you think the impossible and understand markets. With this basis, we work together to create new concepts, future solutions and enthusiastic customers for the business of the future. For established finance, banking and insurance companies and aspiring start-ups.