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If you know an industry perfectly, you can't see the wood for the trees.
Innovation requires a basic understanding of the industry.
Some of the industries that TOM SPIKE has already accompanied through innovation.

Innovation by sector and industry

Innovation consultants need at least enough industry experience to be able to communicate with the experts. A common language. TOM SPIKE brings this language for innovation, business model development and technologies to a number of industries.

TOM SPIKE can support your industry

To be able to accompany innovation in an industry, it is helpful:

  • Reference projects in the industry for an initial feel for how the hare runs and where the stumbling blocks are.
  • Contacts in the target group of the industry in order to validate market opportunities and find contacts.
  • Enough distance to see the wood for the trees and question things that others take for granted.
  • Experience in other industries to bring in perspectives from outside the industry.
  • Openness to enter and explore new areas and to take responsibility for projects despite a lack of understanding.

TOM SPIKE brings many and usually even all of these points with him. This keeps the residual risk for innovation as low as possible.