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Software-Architekt und Programmierer vor mehreren Bildschirmen als Symbol für Innovation in Software- und IT-Industrie - TOM SPIKE



Code remains code. But defining the right products is becoming increasingly difficult. UX and agility can help when it is clear what the product is. The right industry, the right challenge and the right business model are required beforehand. Find your future field of innovation!

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Step by step to innovation success


Finding innovation potential

Together we find opportunities for innovation on the market. Suitable for your company. With validated sales opportunities.


Carry out pilot project

First innovations in partnership with your company. Prototype, business case and implementation included.


Develop organization

A successful approach needs to be repeated. Other divisions are following suit. A culture of innovation emerges.

Current technical articles

Innovation in the software industry

Of course everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). But the topic is really not new for the software industry itself. The more exciting questions are, which products do tomorrow’s customers want, which markets does the company want to work in and what do the corresponding business models look like?

Drivers of innovation in the software industry

Digitalization and AI-powered solutions

Increased digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing the way companies develop and use software. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and advanced data analytics are impacting the entire software industry value chain. Challenges that arise:

  • How can current technologies be used without unnecessarily overloading software products with features? Which value drivers are actually relevant for customers to buy software apart from hype technologies?
  • Which technologies are relevant in the long term, and which could be short-lived trends?
  • How do you maintain a clear focus amid the jungle of digitalization buzzwords?

Sustainability, efficiency and data protection

The increasing importance of environmental aspects and the focus on efficiency bring new challenges for the software industry. Changing legal frameworks, such as stricter data protection regulations, require innovative approaches and a change in thinking. Important questions are:

  • How can software products be made more sustainable, not only in terms of their functionality, but also in terms of their ecological footprint?
  • Which new value chains and networks enable sustainable business models for software companies without coming into conflict with data protection?
  • How can market readiness for sustainable software solutions be tested, especially in a time when environmental awareness is increasing but budgets are limited?

Networking, cloud and innovative business models

The increasing networking of systems and the increased use of cloud technologies are changing the way software is developed, delivered and used. This opens up opportunities, but also challenges:

  • How can companies with a strong hardware focus develop innovative software and service offerings while at the same time understanding the needs of end customers and business partners (B2B2C)?
  • How do you maintain a clear focus during digitalization and recognize the relevant business opportunities behind the numerous innovation trends?
  • Does the change pay off? Where to invest in networked and cloud-based solutions, and how to identify relevant business and financial profits areas in this future scenario?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), collaborations and new business models

The software landscape is undergoing a fundamental change due to the increased use of SaaS, cooperation models and new business models. Flexibility and efficiency mean new focuses for companies. Challenges and questions:

  • How can software companies use the trend towards servitization to generate continuous income streams and establish innovative business models in addition to the classic product business?
  • Which future-oriented products and business models can be developed together with partners without falling into the trap of dependence on individual sources?
  • How do software experts find access to new industries and Markets, be it in the healthcare industry, Industry 4.0, or other emerging sectors?

How can innovation consulting help in the software industry?

Innovation is in software -Industry crucial. When it comes to breaking new ground, external perspectives, critical questions and targeted sparring are invaluable. Innovation consulting plays a multi-layered role to provide insights from other industries and to provide methdologies and experiences to bring businesses into the future.

Designing innovation strategies in the software industry

Developments in the software industry are dynamic and diverse. Only through precise future strategies and smart decisions can companies reach the top and really stand out in the network of developers and users. Innovation consulting helps to unite voices, create clear visions and perspectives and drive innovation forward with combined strength.

Operationally support innovation for more and faster market success in the software industry

Strong efficiency, flexible structures and a willingness to experiment are crucial for software companies’ ability to innovate. The ability to develop creative ideas, break new ground and create innovative solutions can be regained. Innovation consulting helps to break through ingrained patterns and open up new horizons through targeted innovation workshops.

Organizational development for increased innovative capacity in software companies

Singular successes are pleasing, but long-term innovative teams and institutionalized innovation capability are the ultimate goals. Innovation consulting helps to transfer the skills of individual employees to the entire organization, make them repeatable and generate sustainable, recurring innovation successes. By building innovation skills, change management, innovation coaching and the creation of high-performing business processes.

How TOM SPIKE supports innovation in the software industry

Together with your teams, we set strategic innovation goals, explore markets, validate market potential, forge concepts and pave the way for the software products of tomorrow. TOM SPIKE brings innovation experience and industry expertise in the B2B target sectors and maintains an objective view from the outside. This enables sparring, reflection and ambitious goals that go far beyond optimization and improvement.