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B2B customer interviews

Contacts are worth their weight in gold. Especially for innovation. Stop torturing yourself with frustrating cold calling and exhaustive B2B networking.

What is


Not just when the product or service is sold. Rather, during the development of the innovation.

Most companies know this, but still find it difficult to have valuable conversations with customers. If only the salesperson ever talks to the buyer, then that is to be expected. Use fresh contacts for fresh insights. With the right interviews, you will quickly be one step ahead of the competition. This accelerates innovation development, time-to-market and multiplies success on the market.

Service details:

B2B customer interviews

is ideal for:

  • When cold calling new contacts is not your strength
  • If your network is limited to “the usual suspects”
  • For teams who lack the time for endless networking
  • If you are unsure whether your innovation idea will be profitable enough

Advantages at a glance

10 High-caliber B2B contacts for interviews, problem/idea validation or cooperation initiation
20 First-hand customer needs as the basis for profitable innovations and new business areas
30 Minutes of focus interview per appointment for real insights that industry reports can never deliver
1 month maximum processing time, and you have a foot in the door of your target industry



10 top-class appointments in 4 weeks:

  • Briefing and order clarification
  • Obtaining interview contacts
  • Adjustment after 3 contacts
  • Review conversation
  • Additional added value: Good discussions are the basis for further cooperation. As a pilot customer, customer or cooperation partner.

How we work


For really good answers. A customer interview is not a sales pitch. Effective questioning techniques are the only way to get valuable answers. Otherwise it’s easy to say “Yes, go ahead.” And in the end, nobody buys.

  • 1 day interview training with live calls
  • Individual interview script & questioning techniques
  • Accompaniment of 2 real interviews
  • Feedback & Lessons Learnt

Additional added value: Get the team on board and don’t push customer contacts onto the sales department.

In the end, they have


When time is short! All employees are busy. The day-to-day business is pressing. Do you really have to conduct customer interviews yourself? The team should experience a few conversations first-hand. For insights on a larger scale, someone else can do it. Additional added value: The team is biased, is usually too deep in the details and quickly falls into sales pitches. Unbiased professional interviewers often get twice as much or more out of a customer conversation.

Voices of satisfied customers

Don't leave invention disclosures to chance any longer!

Structured invention saves time and delivers higher degrees of novelty.
The inventions actually fit your core business and suit the respective patent situation. An effective approach to technological innovation.

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