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Laborteam untersucht Proben am Mikroskop als Symbol für Innovation in der Chemie- und Kunststoffindustrie - TOM SPIKE


Plastics & Chemistry

PFAS ban, bio-plastics and chemicals, solvent-free use, recycling business models and smart plastics are driving the plastics, coatings and chemical industries. Develop tomorrow’s products and services today. Become and remain a technology leader in your industry!

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Step by step to innovation success


Finding innovation potential

Together we find opportunities for innovation on the market. Suitable for your company. With validated sales opportunities.


Carry out pilot project

First innovations in partnership with your company. Prototype, business case and implementation included.


Develop organization

A successful approach needs to be repeated. Other divisions are following suit. A culture of innovation emerges.

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Innovation for plastics manufacturers and chemical companies

Plastics and chemistry are changing: The industry is transforming. Driven by changing consumer demands, technological advances and legal developments. This transformation extends beyond the production of materials and influences the entire spectrum of services and industries in the field of plastics and chemicals.

Drivers of innovation in plastics and chemical companies

New applications and alternative materials

The increasing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives requires a rethink of product development. What new products can we offer when traditional plastic components are less in demand? The analysis of future markets and technologies is crucial in order to ideate and develop future-oriented solutions.

Sustainability and circular economy

Changing legal requirements and environmentally conscious actions require a realignment towards sustainable production. The challenge is to design technologies and materials in an innovative, sustainable manner and to develop business models that go beyond traditional recycling.

Digitization and process optimization

Digitization offers opportunities for increased efficiency and new business models. How can companies in the plastics and chemicals industries make the move from traditional production processes to digital products and services? The identification of relevant business areas in digital transformation is of central importance.

Cooperations and diversification

With the change of industries, new markets outside the traditional area of application are opening up. How can plastics and chemical companies use their expertise to gain a foothold in sectors such as medical technology, industry or aerospace without becoming dependent?

How can innovation consulting help in the chemical and plastics industry?

Innovation consulting offers one strategic approach to overcome the challenges of the plastics and chemicals industry:

Design of innovation strategies

Development of clear future visions to unite all stakeholders and create relevant innovations together.

Operational support for faster market success

Breaking established patterns and promoting innovative ability through targeted workshops and experiments.

Organizational development for sustainable innovative strength

Long-term development of innovation skills and building an institutionalized innovative ability in the industry.

TOM SPIKE supports innovation in your plastics or chemical company

TOM SPIKE offers industry experience, but also a fresh look outside the box. With an open mindset and a sound understanding of the industry, we support your company in developing innovative solutions and successfully entering a future-oriented era. For companies that want more than mediocre best practice.