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The Master Class Technology Innovation and Fundermax

How team leaders Petra Unger and Isabel Sonnleithner can successfully use the learnings from the Technology Innovation Master Class for the industrial company.

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What requirements regarding innovation are there in your industry?


Sustainability through the reduction of dangerous materials that are harmful to health and the environment as well The implementation of a circular economy are current focus topics in the construction industry. As a supplier, Fundermax would like to make a sustainable contribution to this development. Innovation is not only part of the Fundermax world, but also essential for us to be able to identify and serve customer requests as a pioneer in the compact laminate and wood-based materials industry.

What influence has the dynamics of the global markets on your company?


Fundermax’s compact laminates and wood materials are produced exclusively in Austria, with a large proportion of our raw materials coming from regional and sustainable sources. However, we also need materials from global markets to a lesser extent in order to ensure the high quality of our products. This, as well as the sale of our products on the international market, leads to a direct influence of the dynamics of global markets on Fundermax.

What special requirements for innovation are there in your department?


Our products are high-quality materials that must meet both excellent technical and demanding design requirements. This balancing act offers a lot of room for innovation.As part of innovation management, we carry innovative approaches throughout the entire company. The prototyping and development department plays a central role in understanding our customers’ wishes and implementing them.

What do your customers expect?


Fundermax stands for uncompromising quality with high design standards. Fundermax is of particular importance to our customers as a reliable partner for the creative implementation of their design ideas, in keeping with our slogan “for you to create”.

TOM SPIKE Innovationsberatung Case Study Fundermax: Team Leads at the Master Class Technology Innovation.

What role does innovation culture play at Fundermax?


Innovation has a tradition at Fundermax a high priority. Our new innovation process and innovation strategy are based on customer centricity and – in the sense of good cross-team and cross-departmental collaboration – on co-creation, which allows us to make processes more efficient and effective.

How did the decision to book a master class come about?


An efficient and customer-centered Technology development or Product development requires a creative idea generation process, consistent implementation and a motivating environment, for which continuous development of employees is essential. Looking for methods for structured innovation, we came across TOM SPIKE find what you’re looking for.[ Note: TOM SPIKE stands for structured innovation. This includes, at the beginning of every innovation project, the Select the type of innovation wisely and put it on a good, common basis with the innovation team and company management. The two-day Basecamp for innovation. An innovation workshop that considers all the Types of innovation(business model, technology, product, processes & services) equally permitted.]

Which goals and expectations have Did you bring you to the Master Class?


The aim was to learn new methods and deepen existing knowledge, in order to be able to advance innovations in a more structured way in the future. It was also important to us to have an exchange on challenges and trends in the innovation environment with interesting discussion partners from other industries. These expectations were met by the Technology Innovation Master Class  fully fulfilled.

Which problems should the Master Class solve?


We have preliminary prototyping process and were looking for new methods for this. Therefore, for us it was less about solving problems and more about a structured methodical approach to be able to generate, conceptualize and implement ideas.

What results were you able to achieve?


We are currently working on implementing and passing on the methods we have learned to our colleagues. In particular, the innovation workshop Time Machine tried and tested, whose method kit can be used excellently in the prototype stage. We also use TRIZ,</ span>to uncover contradictions and generate new approaches to solutions. The aim is to consolidate what we have learned in the long term and, in particular, to our colleagues who are working with the Prototyping is concerned with enabling new ways of thinking and approach strategies.

Thank you for the conversation!

TOM SPIKE Innovation Consulting Case Study, from left to right: Petra Unger, Team Leader Prototyping and Development Fiberboard and Raw Chipboard and Isabel Sonnleithner, Team Leader Prototyping and Development Laminate, Fundermax GmbHfrom left to right: < strong>Petra Unger, Team Leader Prototyping and Development Fiberboard and Raw Chipboard and Isabel Sonnleithner, Team Leader Prototyping and Development Laminates, Fundermax GmbH / Photo kindly provided by Fundermax GmbH

Know tomorrow's product today

The innovation workshop Time Machine focuses entirely on foresight for long-term effective innovation strategy and valid foresight for product visions.

About Fundermax

Logo FundermaxWorld market leader “Made in Austria”: The Fundermax GmbH supplies high-quality facade panels and is a provider of a decorative product range for interior design – from raw chipboard to the fire-resistant m.look facade panel. Fundermax consistently relies on sustainable materials made from natural raw materials and won the overall victory in the Austrian State Prize for Corporate Quality in 2018, among other things, for its commitment to the environment and social issues. The company in numbers:

  • Over 1,500 employees worldwide
  • Headquarters: St. Veit an der Glan, Carinthia
  • 80% of production from four locations (Austria/Norway ) go to export

TOM SPIKE Innovationsberatung Case Study Fundermax: World market leader “Made in Austria” for interior design. About the team leads at the Technology Innovation Master Class.

Impressions from the Master Class Innovation, Berlin 2022:

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