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Innovation time machine

What will the products and services of tomorrow be? What does the customer want tomorrow? We’ll find out together.

What is

Know tomorrow’s product today

Almost everyone talks to customers today. To stay one step ahead, you need to do more than just ask the customer where the shoe pinches.

Trends play a role, but should not be overestimated. What is interesting is what is happening in the specific environment of your service portfolio. And you are the experts for this. We bring everything else with us.

Service details:

Innovation time machine

is ideal for:

  • For product managers who want to stay on the ball
  • Against surprises when your market is in upheaval
  • As the basis for the next product generation
  • To stay one step ahead of the competition

Advantages at a glance

5 Customer needs that even your customer does not know
5 Trends and 5 technological development laws that are really relevant for your product portfolio
5 years into the future and know how your business will develop. With or without you.
1 Uniform product vision & strategy as the basis for development work in the coming years


How does the innovation workshop work?

2 days compact:

  • Focus clarification: what target image are we creating?
  • Status quo and value drivers: What the customer really wants.
  • Developments, trends & risks in the environment.
  • Own ideas and cross-industry innovation
  • Visionary future and influence on product strategy
  • Visual target image & action plan

How we work

How do you work in the innovation workshop?

At any time:

  1. Fact base & expert knowledge
  2. Involvement of the target group
  3. Visionary thinking
  4. Translating into reality
  5. Commitment to a common vision
  6. Ready for implementation

Gut feeling is good. Facts too. Together with a clarifying discussion and professional moderation to create a model for the future.

In the end, they have

At the end of the workshop they have:

Clarity on trends that are really relevant for you. Recognizing what the customer actually wants today and in the future. Understood what the product of the future must and will look like. The next cash cow has been found, planned and brought within reach.

Voices of satisfied customers

Don't leave invention disclosures to chance any longer!

Structured invention saves time and delivers higher degrees of novelty.
The inventions actually fit your core business and suit the respective patent situation. An effective approach to technological innovation.

Target group

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