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Innovation Consulting

Experienced innovators and innovation consultants help you make your innovation a success. Guaranteed.

Why Innovation Consulting?

Innovation means: More differentiation. More employee and customer enthusiasm. More success.

Innovation consulting helps companies to permanently increase their capacity for innovation as well as to successfully start, drive and complete actual innovation projects.

What is Innovation Consulting?

According to Peter Drucker, innovation is one of the two main functions of every company. Innovation consulting is, therefore, a special form of management consulting that aims to strengthen the innovative capacity of companies. Thus, their ability to create fundamental change or total innovation and to make them successful in their target group.

A strong ability to innovate is characterized by a continuous stream of new ideas that meet a relevant need, by a high success rate in their implementation and by a completely unique position in the market as a result.

Services included in innovation consulting are, for example:

  • Advising innovation projects
  • Strengthening capacities for innovation
  • Developing innovation processes
  • Developing competencies for individuals and companies
  • Executing innovation work packages

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How do I profit from Innovation Consulting?

Innovation consulting focuses on uniqueness, while classic consulting relies on the implementation of standardized patterns. In comparison to classic consulting, innovation consulting offers a whole range of advantages:

Differentiation in the Market

Innovation is an approach of doing things differently. Combined with success in the target group, the distinctiveness of the new product or service grows with the respect to the competition. As innovativeness increases, this differentiation grows ever faster, so that unmistakable differentiations emerge even in commodity industries.

Hard-to-coopy competitive Advantages

By developing innovative value propositions (technologies, products, services, business models), companies create competitive advantages beyond “a bit cheaper than …” and “a little faster than …”.

Increased Employee Motivation

The positive external impact of innovative companies also transfers to existing employees and applicants (keyword: employer branding).

Rising Margins and Earnings

78% of buyers prefer to buy from innovative companies. They show a greater willingness to pay for exciting products and services. This competitive advantage and increasing visibility increase sales, which in turn, lead to rising margins and earnings.

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How does Innovation Consulting work?

How does innovation consulting work in practice? In innovation consulting, the focus is on increasing the ability to innovate in the business. This results from first-hand experience that company employees gain on their own. Backing and support from the company management is the basis for such autonomous behavior.

The entire process of innovation consulting is divided into four phases:

Schritt 1 der Innovationsberatung: Warm-up

1. Warm-up – Connect instead of rushing ahead

At this stage, it is important to build mutual trust between the management and the consulting team.

2. Pilot – Grow it instead of forcing it

Every company is different, and not every recipe for success can easily be applied everywhere. An innovation pilot project helps to identify the company’s peculiarities in terms of innovative capability, while at the same time creating first presentable, inspiring innovation successes.

3. Anchor – Establish instead of deploying

Innovation must arise naturally. Working on the innovation system and the nine fields of action makes it possible to achieve this goal. The ability to innovate. The ability of the organization and its employees to achieve regular, ever greater and more successful innovations is the focus of this phase.

4. Accelerate – Reinforce instead of fizzling out

Innovations supported by innovation consulting are only half the battle. They are comparable to driving lessons. Sure: You get from A to B. But sooner or later, friends and fans should be sitting in the car with you, not the driving instructor. And your car must be a different one! This is done by establishing moderators and innovators in the company. Specific training, selective coaching and mutual collaboration on the big chunks. This is because an unclouded, external point of view is a rare plant of irreplaceable value. Nobody has managed yet to cultivate that inside a company.

Types of Innovation

There are recipes for success for every type of innovation. What are your plans? Are you already committed to a particular type of innovation or are you completely open? Either way: innovation consulting reduces the risk of failure.

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Technology Innovation

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Product Innovation

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Service Innovation & Process Innovation

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Business Model Innovation

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