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Packaging industry

Recycled packaging, reusable and unpackaged, move the packaging industry. Trends also include smart packaging, individualization and packaging safety in food and pharmaceuticals. Whether material or digital: design the packaging systems, products and business models of tomorrow today!

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What is your goal?

Our innovation consulting experts support you in your innovation projects and strengthen your innovative capacity. Our innovation consulting experts will support you in your innovation projects and strengthen your innovative capacity.

Step by step to innovation success


Finding innovation potential

Together we find opportunities for innovation on the market. Suitable for your company. With validated sales opportunities.


Carry out pilot project

First innovations in partnership with your company. Prototype, business case and implementation included.


Develop organization

A successful approach needs to be repeated. Other divisions are following suit. A culture of innovation emerges.

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Innovation approaches in the packaging industry

Unpackaged. Not possible everywhere and yet an important trend that calls primary packaging, secondary packaging and especially composite materials into question. Replacement for eternal chemicals, increasing demand for hygiene and growing online and mail order trade are further topics.

Drivers of innovation in the packaging industry

Sustainable materials and circular economy

The trend is towards sustainable packaging. Legal measures such as bans on environmentally harmful substances and reporting requirements on carbon footprints also require innovative approaches. In order to fulfill the obligations or to create new unique positions on the market. The challenges are:

    • How do we design sustainable materials and products that are equally innovative and environmentally friendly?
    • Which value chains can be built to create sustainable business models beyond pure recycling?
    • How do we ensure market acceptance for sustainable solutions, at a time when sustainability is trendy, but willingness to pay is often lacking?

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Digitization and intelligent packaging solutions

Digitization opens new horizons for the packaging industry. Smart packaging equipped with technologies such as RFID, QR codes and IoT offer a wide range of possibilities. Questions that arise are:

      • How can established companies in the packaging industry make the step from traditional production methods to digital technologies?
      • What clear strategic goals must be set in order to maintain an overview in the world of digitalization?
      • What financial aspects must be taken into account and how does a relevant business case become developed for these future-oriented ideas?


Innovative packaging designs and customer-oriented approaches

Packaging is increasingly perceived as a means of communication. Innovative designs and customer-centric approaches that emphasize usability are becoming increasingly important. The challenge is:

      • How can companies in the packaging industry design their products to effectively address consumer needs?
      • What options are there to make packaging more interactive and experience-oriented?
      • Which financial models enable innovative design that is also economically viable?
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How can innovation consulting help in the packaging industry?

Innovation is always unique. In a time of change, external perspectives, critical questions and reflection are crucial. Innovation consulting paves the way on several levels.

Designing innovation strategies for the packaging industry

Developments in the packaging industry are more diverse than ever before. Only through clear visions of the future and well-founded decisions can companies really stand out in the network of manufacturers and suppliers and create relevant innovations. Innovation consulting helps unite voices, maintain a clear view and drive forward innovations together.

Operationally support innovation for more and faster market success

Structures with little scope for experimentation block the ability to innovate in many companies in the packaging industry. The ability to develop ideas and pursue innovative paths can be regained through innovation consulting. It helps to leave established patterns and explore new horizons through focused innovation workshops.

Organizational development for increased innovative capacity in the packaging industry

Individual successes are gratifying, but permanently innovative employees and institutionalized innovative capacity are the higher goal. Innovation consulting supports transferring the skills of individuals to the entire organization, making them repeatable and creating lasting, recurring innovation successes. Through competence building, change management, innovation coaching and the establishment of conducive structures, patterns and cultures.

TOM SPIKE supports innovation in the packaging industry with industry experience and without blinders

If you want to drive innovation in the packaging industry, Must have industry experience and at the same time have an open eye for successful models from other industries. TOM SPIKE has the necessary basic understanding of the industry and supplements this with an open look outside the box into successful models from other companies