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Automation technology

Digital twin, cloud platforms, Industrial Internet of Things and predictive maintenance are changing the automation industry. New business models, energy efficiency and sustainability, of course. But digital or not, in the end it’s all about customer added value. Transform the industry!

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Step by step to innovation success


Finding innovation potential

Together we find opportunities for innovation on the market. Suitable for your company. With validated sales opportunities.


Carry out pilot project

First innovations in partnership with your company. Prototype, business case and implementation included.


Develop organization

A successful approach needs to be repeated. Other divisions are following suit. A culture of innovation emerges.

Current technical articles

Innovation in automation technology

It has almost always been automated. And it will always be automated. And yet the ongoing “higher-faster-further” always offers new constraints and opportunities to differentiate yourself in the industrial automation market and secure the business of the future.

Drivers of innovation in automation

Automation modules, intelligent systems and platforms

Automation technologies and intelligent systems are building blocks in the modular system. But who operates the platform that controls all the building blocks? Who can control and optimize the entire system? And who makes money from the right business model as a spider in the web of data and systems? This is accompanied by questions such as:

  • What innovative products will we offer in the future, especially if our previous solutions are based on conventional automation?
  • How are the markets actually developing? Which products and processes are automated? Which industry will be as big in the future as automobile production is today? What are just short-lived trends and what do you really need to focus on?
  • How do we open up new industries if the path is to go beyond traditional automation?

Sustainability, energy efficiency and circular economy

Changing legal frameworks and growing environmental awareness are driving developments in the area of automation. Technological innovations, alternative energy sources and new business models are the focus. This poses significant challenges for companies that proactively design innovations:

  • How can technologies, materials and systems in automation be made more sustainable?
  • Which value chains and networks enable sustainable business models that go beyond simple recycling?
  • How can market acceptance for sustainable automation solutions be tested, especially at a time when sustainability is trendy, but the willingness to pay is hesitant?

Digitalization, networking and autonomous systems

Increasing digitalization, networking of systems and the use of autonomous systems Technologies are revolutionizing the way companies design their industrial processes. Technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and advanced sensors affect many areas of automation technology. This creates a variety of opportunities for companies, but also typical challenges:

  • As a specialist in automation hardware, how do you integrate digital products and services and understand the needs of both customers and end users in B2B2C?
  • How do you maintain a clear focus during digitalization and recognize the relevant business opportunities behind the numerous innovation trends?
  • Doing the financial maths for new networked and autonomous solutions, and how to identify relevant business areas in this rapidly evolving scenario?

Automation services, collaborations and new business models

The automation services experience through increased collaboration, the trend towards servitization and the development of new business models represent a fundamental change. Flexibility and efficiency mean new focuses for companies. This raises questions such as:

  • How can companies in the automation industry use servitization to generate continuous income streams and establish innovative business models in addition to the classic product business?
  • Which future-oriented products and business models can be developed in cooperation with other players in the value chain without becoming dependent on individual sources?
  • How can automation technology experts get access to new industries such as medical technology, software as a service or other emerging sectors?

How can innovation consulting help in the automation industry?

Innovation in the automation industry is characterized by the desire for change and the existing constraints of high investment costs and legacy systems. An external perspective helps to really get the chance to break new ground. Innovation consulting can provide this support.

Develop innovation strategies with automation companies

The developments in the automation industry are dynamic and diverse. Only through precise future strategies and smart decisions can companies reach the top and in the network of suppliers ers and OEMs really stand out. Innovation consulting helps to unite voices, create clear perspectives and visions and drive innovation forward with combined strength.

Operationally support innovation for more and faster market success in the automation industry

Strong efficiency, flexible structures and willingness to experiment are crucial for the innovative ability of companies in automation. The ability to develop creative ideas, think outside the box and break through entrenched thought patterns can be regained. Innovation consulting helps to break new ground through focused innovation workshops and coachings.

Organizational development for increased innovation capability in the automation industry

Individual successes are gratifying, but long-term innovative teams and institutionalized innovation capability are the ultimate goals. Innovation consulting supports transferring the skills of individual employees to the entire organization, making them repeatable and creating sustainable, recurring innovation successes.

This is how TOM SPIKE helps automation companies achieve a new unique position

Together with your industry experts, we form an ambitious team, explore potential markets, identify challenges and willingness to pay and build innovation for future business on this foundation. The innovation arises within your organization and TOM SPIKE delivers everything else that is crucial for your success.