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Patent Booster Workshop

Complex challenges and tricky problems? 10 patent ideas you should have? Develop invention disclosures for your core business now in the 3-day workshop.

What is

Revolutionary inventions for your core business

Technology innovation is not rocket science. Your technical expertise enables you to take the leap into the future and outpace the competition.
Experts are often difficult to tame: Results remain elusive for a long time. The Patent Booster Workshop allows all experts to pull together. For groundbreaking ideas and invention disclosures with live patent searches.

The patent booster in action for the global market leader

The SMS group is the world market leader in metallurgical plant engineering. Jochen Schmitz, Head of Product Management Long Products, reports on the motivation and successes achieved by participating in the Patent Booster workshop: to the case study.

Service details:

Patent Booster Workshop

is ideal for:

  • If patents are milestones to your success
  • In case of high complexity and multi-layered challenges
  • To coordinate a large number of specialists
  • When even experts don’t know how to progress

Advantages at a glance

5 Business-relevant invention disclosures and solution concepts for technical challenges
7 New methodical approaches for technology innovation and unique selling propositions
3 Days of intensive work with your technical expertise, inspiration from outside and live patent database queries
0 Uncertainty on development focus or where third-party patents block your freedom to operate (FTO)


How are inventions created?

2 days compact:

  • Icebreaker & jumping in at the deep end
  • Ideality, customer orientation and vision
  • Experts’ level of knowledge
  • Failed solutions
  • Which nuts to crack?
  • What patents is the world working on?
  • Hardcore solution development
  • TRIZ, laws of evolution, creativity boost
  • Iteration & prototypes
  • Invention disclosures on paper
  • Action list and next steps

How we work

How do you work in the innovation workshop?

At any time:

  1. Tight schedule
  2. Crisp job description
  3. Group work and discussion
  4. Decisions
  5. … back to 1

There is plenty of time to discuss contentious issues. But there will be no endless blah-blah: WORKshop, not TALKshop.

In the end, they have

At the end of the workshop you will have:

Understood your bottlenecks for innovation.

Clarity about which technology secures your future.

5+ invention disclosures captured on paper.

experienced great things and broadened your horizons.

Voices of satisfied customers

Don't leave invention disclosures to chance any longer!

Structured invention saves time and delivers higher degrees of novelty.
The inventions actually fit your core business and suit the respective patent situation. An effective approach to technological innovation.

Target group

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