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The patent booster for the SMS group

The time machine in use for the world market leader

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Case Study: As Head of Product Management (Center of Excellence Long Products), Jochen Schmitz is driving the SMS group’s innovation offensive. How does he classify the patent booster as an innovation measure?

Jochen SchmitzHead of Product Management (Center of Excellence Long Products) at SMS group

Know tomorrow's product today

The innovation workshop Time Machine focuses entirely on foresight for long-term effective innovation strategy and valid foresight for product visions.

About the SMS group’s innovation offensive

The steel industry may be facing the greatest transformation in its history. According to the Paris Agreement and the recently adopted Green Deal, the steel industry must take initiatives to become carbon neutral by 2050 and deliver reduced emissions by 2030. The mission is#turningmetalsgreen. During the implementation, innovative technologies are developed to reduce and avoid CO2 emissions and to save natural resources such as water. SMS is preparing for the transformation with sustainable innovations and can deliver all climate-neutral processes from a single source like no other company. Jochen Schmitz sees the challenges as many opportunities for the SMS group and its customers:

We face the challenges of the future and understand each other as a solution provider for current and future industrial problems. Customer proximity is particularly important to us. SMS group’s products are characterized by high quality and a partnership with the customer throughout the entire life cycle of the system. This means we can react individually and support you with innovative solutions.

Why SMS group chose external innovation consulting

To establish a new process and learn new methods, we have booked external innovation consulting at TOM SPIKE and, among other things, the workshop format Patent Booster.

Which Did the SMS group have any goals on its agenda?

We want to secure global market leadership in the area of profile rolling mills. In particular, the upcoming largest transformation in the history of the steel industry should become a successful challenge. Further developments and innovations are always part of ongoing projects at SMS group. However, really big innovations, such as new rolling concepts or patent applications, require more focus. In connection with the innovation offensive and as a solution provider for current and future industrial problems, the SMS group wants to continue to serve customers over the entire life cycle in the future accompany the system. At the same time, the SMS group wants to keep an eye on competitors and be able to outperform them. Overall, innovation should be promoted within the framework of product development. As part of the innovation offensive, the SMS group wants to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce the production costs
  • Find new applications for current core competencies
  • Set starting points for the further structured innovation offensive

The Patent Booster Workshop

Revolutionary inventions for your core business

Technology innovation is not rocket science. Your specialist expertise enables you to leap into the future and get past the competition.Experts are often difficult to tame: results do not appear for a long time. The Patent Booster Workshop allows all experts to pull together. For groundbreaking ideas and invention disclosures with live patent research.

The Patent Booster Workshop is ideal:

  • If patents are milestones for your success
  • When there is a high level of complexity and complexity
  • A variety to coordinate with specialists
  • When even experts don’t know what to do next

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