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Master Class: Service and Process Innovation

Designing ingeniously simple and infallible processes

After 4 days, you can:

  1. Understand the needs of your target groups
  2. Find the ideal solution in a structured way and implement it directly.
  3. Develop, evaluate and implement new processes/services

Are you an entrepreneur, developer or manager? Is brainstorming no longer getting you anywhere?

Then the “Structured Innovation” training series is perfect for you. Away from the outdated view of “the more ideas the better”, you will receive a clear orientation on how innovation can be brought to success in a targeted manner. In just 4 days, you will gain valuable insights, gain practical experience and get to know innovation managers from other companies and industries. The most important building blocks for successful innovation are brought to life in a compact workshop. Practicable hands-on solutions!

Service and Process Innovation

Strukturierte Innovation bedeutet, einen klaren, wiederholbaren Weg vom Willen zur Innovation bis zum Markterfolg zu gehen. Service- und Prozess-Innovation betrachtet dabei, wie interne und externe Kunden durch Dienstleistungen, Services und innovative Abläufe immer wieder neu begeistert werden können. Kernelemente sind jeweils mehrere aufeinander folgende Interaktion und Arbeitsschritte an deren Ende ein zufriedener Kunde steht. Die Innovation von Lieferservice, Carsharing und Kreditfinanzierung können dabei ebenso betrachtet werden wie neuartige Vertriebs-, Entwicklungs- oder Fertigungsprozesse.

What is conveyed?

The content provides a clear, applicable guide from the first to the last moment of innovation. Different elements from Design Thinking, TRIZ, Powerful Thinking, ODI, Six Sigma and many other methodologies are combined into an overall picture. You don’t learn what you could do – you learn what you should do and when. The Master Class enables you to explain, develop, evaluate and implement services and processes step by step.

Agenda Day1 to Day4 of the Master Class Service and Process Innovation - TOM SPIKE

Who should attend this training?

Innovation managers, Head of department, decision-makers, founders, quality managers and product managers. Everyone for whom complex processes and numerous interactions between several participants determine everyday life, or for whom ingeniously simple, infallible processes mean greater customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage.

This event from the “Structured Innovation” training series is based on the innovation roadmap for successful service and process innovation (pink).

Flyer Master Class: Service and process innovation

Event Details

Tue 2025/01/21 – Fri 2025/01/24

Location: Berlin City
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