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Produktion bei LAPP mobility GmbH. Die LAPP-Gruppe ist Weltmarktführer für Kabel, Stecker und Zubehör bis zu komplett integrierten Verbindungslösungen.


Innovation workshop time machine at LAPP

The time machine in use for the world market leader

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Case Study: Dr. Simon Alig heads the electromobility division at LAPP. The managing director already dealt with the innovation topic “competitive advantages through cooperation” as part of his doctorate. Today Dr. Alig defines his area of responsibility and scope for forward-looking innovation strategy and planning for sustainable products. What was the motivation for external innovation consulting and how does he organize the innovation workshop Time Machine as an innovation measure?

Why the LAPP Group has decided on external innovation consulting

We are active in the highly dynamic area of electromobility. The industry or industrial sector is characterized by turbo-fast developments and demanding complexity. We therefore wanted to work with methodically flawless processes and tests, because only with valid hypotheses can we develop innovations that work for us as a company and also for our customers. We have a relatively clear picture of new product ideas. But at some point you get to the point where you ask yourself: Do we do it or don’t we do it? We simply wanted to ask the right questions and get additional suggestions for content.

How did you come to TOM SPIKE?

During an event I met Dr. Ing. Henryk Stöckert into conversation. Among other things, we talked about the parameters that could change for the electromobility industry in the future and, above all, what that would mean for us. We wanted to take a look into the future and needed in-depth foresight. Therefore, the time machine turned out to be the optimal innovation workshop for us, which we then booked. Before carrying out the innovation workshop, we defined the playing field in joint conception discussions and everyone relevant stakeholders were brought on board.

What goals did you have on the agenda?

We wanted to be clear about the various topics we had on the agenda. As a result of the workshop, we imagined three topics for a shortlist and/or a short list as a basis for decision-making.

What initial situation was LAPP in?

LAPP would like to achieve annual growth of more than 30% in the electromobility division to generate. We would like to maintain this growth rate. With the right product innovations, we can certainly expand this.

The collaboration with LAPP at a glance:

During the first consultations with Nina Defounga and Thomas Nagel, the time machine turns out to be the optimal innovation workshop for us, which we then also booked. Before conducting the innovation workshop, we marked out the playing field and brought all relevant stakeholders on board.Case Study: Process of the innovation consulting and the innovation workshop Zeitmaschine for fact-based B2B product innovation.

What feedback did the workshop participants give?

The feedback from the participants was consistently positive. Above all, people were happy to have had a focused innovation workshop at all. The mix of: ‘How are the others doing it’ and a sharper view of our own innovation goals and content was methodically good.

What conclusion do you draw from the Time Machine innovation workshop and the joint collaboration?

We have our goal reached. We have fleshed out and specified topics. We were able to open the funnel on day 1 and close the funnel on day 2. We were well aware beforehand that innovation only works in the long term. Nevertheless, the workshop was an eye-opener because you really focus on innovation in the methodically structured approach. You quickly find out that the two days are less about going out with a prototype. Instead, we have reached a very important milestone because we were able to shelve one of our three topics with a clear conscience. Based on the well-founded facts that we developed in the workshop, we realized that the topic was too big or that we were for the implementation, another company would have had to buy it. After the workshop, we had a reliable assessment of our position and were able to correctly classify and assess our innovation.

Lapp Mobility Geschäftsführer Simon Alig - TOM SPIKE

Dr. Simon Alig

Managing Director at LAPP Mobility GmbH

Know tomorrow's product today

Innovation creates future viability. Let’s talk about your business for the next 5 to 10 years.

About the LAPP Group

LAPP Mobility GmbH forms the Electromobility division of the LAPP Group. The LAPP Group is the world market leader for cables, connectors and accessories through to completely integrated connection solutions. LAPP products are found in manufacturing machines, industrial robots, buses and trains, food processing systems, wind turbines, charging systems for electric cars, photovoltaic and wind turbines, oil drilling platforms and even polar expeditions. The company in numbers:

  • 1.8 billion euros in sales in 2022
  • 51 own sales companies, 18 manufacturing locations, ≥ 100 foreign representatives worldwide
  • 5,500 employees worldwide</li

The live talk with Dr. Simon Alig and Nina Defounga

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What are your top 3 results?

We have clarified the next steps and know our topics. We have used all the internal know-how and combined it with external advice for our innovation projects. Everyone involved has accepted the structured approach and followed along very well.

About the Time Machine innovation workshop

Know tomorrow’s product today

The Time Machine innovation workshop focuses entirely on foresight for long-term effective innovation strategies and strong foresight for product visions.In addition This includes, among other things, knowledge of current and future customer needs that customers do not yet know themselves. The workshop creates a picture of the future that is tailored to the respective B2B company from industry, technology and business.

Do you have questions about the time machine?

Industrial engineer, innovation expert and TOM SPIKE managing director Nina Defounga takes time for you. Please send an email to: n.defounga@tomspike .com.Here you will find further dates on innovation topics, methods and successful projects from TOM SPIKE.

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