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Innovation dargestellt als Glühlampe von einer Hand gezeichnet


Innovation works in mysterious ways. He who innovates, wins – but how does one start being innovative? There are lots of buzzwords and not many answers. After all, those in the know probably want to keep that knowledge to themselves. TOM SPIKE, however, reveals all. With our support, you’ll be in a position to created your own targeted innovations.

Innovationsberaterin und Coach Nina Defounga

Nina Defounga
“If you want to move your company forward with enthusiasm, then you need to get in touch with me.”

Industrie-Innovationsberater Thomas Nagel vor Railway-Bildern - TOM SPIKE

Thomas Nagel
“I’ll change how you think. Let’s have a chat about successful innovation.”

Innovationsberater & Unternehmer Henryk Stöckert

Henryk Stöckert
“From strategy to implementation, if you need your projects to produce successful results in the shortest time possible, I’m your man. Let’s get to it!”

Porträtfoto des Innovationsberaters Frank Fölsch vor einem Whiteboard

Frank Fölsch
“Every innovation involves communication – otherwise your actions are open to interpretation.”

Together we solve all your challenging and complex problems, leaving only the simple ones – that’s our vision.

It’s our mission to support you as you invent.

Better, faster and cheaper than you could ever imagine. The bigger the challenge, the more effective we are. We train, support and spark structured innovation.

We make scarce resources work efficiently.

Whether it’s our planet’s resources, the limits of individual performance, the all-too-brief human lifespan or your company’s available resources.

We stand for our Values

  • Ideality
    Crafting solutions is fun. After all, we’re engineers – we value a good tool more than an improvised one. And the best tool of all is no tool. When we achieve ideality, nothing is superfluous and nothing is redundant.
  • Sustainability
    Short-sightedness is the natural enemy of sustainability. Innovation is a marathon and requires endurance and foresight – so the stronger and more far-reaching an innovation, the greater its contribution to sustainability.
  • Respect
    It’s a pleasure to work with most people. But with others, collaborative work isn’t enjoyable. They’re not the sorts of people you’d want to have as a boss or even as a neighbour. TOM SPIKE is delighted to work with the first group and would prefer to stay away from the second.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurial passion grows with the taking of responsibility and successful experiences. It isn’t a rigid personal characteristic. It develops when the environment and the conditions are right.
  • Courage
    We take action even in dangerous situations and when facing extreme challenges. In such circumstances, one’s own strength is greater than the fear of danger. An indispensable characteristic on the voyage into the unknown.
  • Curiosity
    The hunger for knowledge, paired with a desire to be surprised, to feel wonder, to be open to new things and to learn. Without curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, there would be no experiments, no innovation and no progress.
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