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Live-Webinar: From customer interview to innovation

Live Webinar


Laying the foundations for successful innovation.

A proper customer understanding is key. But how to gain new insights from surveys, feedback and customer interviews and create the next product generation that meets your customers‘ needs?

On the surface, customer centricity, cusomter needs and contact to customers are always highlighted. Customers are the focus of marketing and sales activities because they guarantee cash flow. But who really asks them serious questions? What might be missing or should be different? And how do you get really relevant statements from the customer beyond mere lip service?

Sales is driven by short-term sales targets. Rejection costs money, so taking risks is not everyone’s cup of tea. The really tricky topics are left out, the effort is spared. But if sales don’t ask the crucial questions, then who will?

We will show you who in the company should conduct customer interviews and how your employees should proceed in order to get real insights.

Learn more about customer interviews in a B2B context in just 20 minutes. You are also invited to join the discussion afterwards.

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Tue 23/04/2024
8:30 – 9.00 Uhr
Web+ Phone
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TOM SPIKE Innovationsberatung: Live-Webinar Kundeninterviews mit der Innovationsexpertin, Ingenieurin und Geschäftsführerin Nina-Defounga.

Nina Defounga
T. 030 – 89 64 72 09


8.30 a.m.


7 min

Why customer interviews are the best Market Research
Market research can delivers tailor-made numbers, facts & figures. But it is hard to gain real insights and transfer study results to your own company. How customer interviews can help here.

7 min

Who should conduct customer interviews?
Can’t sales do that too? They have the most customer contact anyway. But can they harvest the interesting insights and to get that knowledge to the developers?

7 min

Dos & Don’ts in customer interviews for real insights
If you ask your own customers correctly, you will find out what is missing in the market and where the gaps are. But for the questionnaire, the setup and the implementation of the survey there are rules that you should know!

9 min

Ask your questions on customer surveys and interviews – the joint discussion round after the live webinar will provide you with answers.

Free Live Webinar

With customer interviews towards groundbreaking innovations

First glimpse into the WEBINAR:

A mistake that startups and established companies make alike: Not talking to customers or talking to customers too late. Experts are afraid to openly ask their customers what they think of products and how they act in everyday life. In order to find out whether things are possibly too expensive or which features are missing, irrelevant or for which they would also be willing to put an extra Euro on the table.

Customer interviews are a tool that offers an incredible potential for discovery, especially for R&D departments and developers in the quiet room. What if the next innovation came from a targeted survey of customers?

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