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Innovation coaching

The interaction of many individual factors is decisive for innovation success. A detailed recipe for success is the first step. After that it's time to: Start, stumble, carry on, reflect. Training courses and workshops help you get started and get going. Innovation coaching helps with reflection, but also for a new entry into the topic of innovation.

What is innovation coaching?

If you want to create innovation, you need support with specific problems from time to time. This is where the innovation coach helps. We define the term “coaching” broadly and also include mentoring, for example. The person who implements the innovation is coached, but also the person who drives and leads innovation, i.e. innovation managers, product managers, development managers or managing directors. In addition to this individual coaching, team coaching is also established and supports the innovation team and the project manager.

Typical use cases for innovation coaching

  • Lack of clarity on the right approach for innovation projects
  • Brainstorming
  • Lack of implementation of existing ideas
  • Lack of initiative in the team
  • Structure in the development of complex technologies
  • Project management
  • Difficulties in communicating and convincing customers and managers
  • Team leadership and conflict management
  • Acting in great uncertainty.

The benefits of innovation coaching

Many companies are faced with the challenge of securing the future while adapting to new market conditions and meeting changing customer needs. Innovations that are successful on the market are the most important tool here. However, successfully launching completely new products or business models on the market is not yet part of day-to-day business for many companies. There are no established routines.

Innovation coaching accompanies you on this journey through rough terrain. Numerous companies have already gone through this process. Some more, some less successful. Do you need idea management? How do you put together a successful innovation team? Should financial incentives be provided? How much time and how much freedom makes sense in an innovation project? Which techniques, methods and principles are suitable in the specific case? Innovation coaching will show you what to look out for, what you should definitely do and what you can safely do without.

Voices of satisfied customers

Don't leave invention disclosures to chance any longer!

Structured invention saves time and delivers higher degrees of novelty.
The inventions actually fit your core business and suit the respective patent situation. An effective approach to technological innovation.

How innovation coaching works

90 minutes of innovation coaching every two weeks is a good framework. The project continues in parallel and benefits directly from new findings. A half-day preliminary discussion can be understood as a basis, or can already represent a small, complete coaching module in itself. Are you willing to learn in order to achieve your goals?

Do you have a specific challenge (innovation) and see that you are not making much progress?
Arrange a 45-minute tasting with money-back guarantee directly by calling 030 – 60 98 49 02 87 or using our contact form.

Ideally, each innovation coaching session takes place in person, but can also be conducted by telephone as a trial.

Innovation Coaching for your Company

The innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE offers teams and companies systemic, holistic innovation coaching. As an innovation coach, we support you in breaking out of old thought patterns and increasing the innovative capacity of your company. Together we overcome possible hurdles and motivate you and your teams to think innovatively and, above all, to translate the new thoughts into successful innovations and market successes.

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