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Becoming and remaining a technology leader

6 secret ingredients for successful technology innovation.

Technology companies want technology innovation

That is obvious. But creating technological innovation is becoming increasingly difficult for engineers. Pure brainstorming sessions and internal development teams are often only moderately successful and rarely produce truly innovative ideas. Then innovation success rarely works out. The innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE provides a clear guide to technology innovation in its latest white paper.

It is a common misconception that good ideas must first be in place before technology innovation can begin. But the reality is usually different: In many companies, there is already a real “brainstorm burnout” and the results are correspondingly mixed.

Free white paper as a guide to technology innovation

Technology leadership is still one of the most important strategies for SMEs, hidden champions and large manufacturing companies alike. Particularly in the old economy, i.e. mechanical engineering, plant construction, the plastics and chemical industries, component and electronics manufacturing and the many mobility and supplier industries.

From many years of supporting technology-driven industries, we have compiled the most important ingredients for successful technology innovation. Ingredients and procedures are tried and tested, proven and successfully applied across organizations and industries.

Innovation white paper cover sheet with engineers in the technology company at the high-five

Would you like to find out how you can create groundbreaking technological innovation in a targeted manner? And which approaches are usually unsuccessful? Then read the white paper from the innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE.

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  • crystal-clear guide for technology innovation
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Insight into our white paper

First-hand customer pain and market potential instead of blind engineering tinkering

Typical situation:
Engineers and developers love ideas. And they have many of them. A lack of contact between the development department and the market leads to complexity problems: over-engineering, individual solutions, complex product portfolios and energy-sapping individual solutions.

Find the two crucial halves for a successful innovation launch: the customer problem on the market and the motivation within the company to solve precisely this pain once and for all.

And it works like this:

  • Define innovation goals and criteria: What do we want, what don’t we want and why?
  • Define search fields, new and old target groups …

Free white paper on technology innovation

If you want the complete guide to technology innovation, get the free white paper “Becoming and staying a technology leader. 6 secret ingredients for technology innovation” from innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE.

Find out what is needed to develop successful technology innovations in companies and in what order. You will also gain practical insights into what prevents engineers from innovating and how success can be achieved more easily.

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About the innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE

The Berlin-based innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE supports B2B and industrial companies in creating groundbreaking innovations for their service portfolio.

Our innovation consultants will guide you to faster, more successful ideas and support you with innovation workshops and training. This allows you to develop and market innovative solutions more quickly. From kick-off for innovation to a concept ready for a decision in six months. Because concentrated efforts with time limits are real efficiency miracles. They enable a high degree of innovation and conserve scarce resources such as time, money and personnel.

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