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40 Inventive principles / examples of technology

40 Inventive principles / examples of technology


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How can knowledge from thousands of patents be easily reused for innovative products? Use the 40 Inventive Principles and develop new ideas in the shortest possible time. There are six phases from the motivation to create an innovation to its successful market launch. The Inventive Principles are typically used in the fourth phase “Apply Innovation Patterns”.

As a stand-alone method, the 40 Inventive Principles can also be used directly and without much preparatory work. If you are using a TRIZ Contradiction Matrix as a basis for brainstorming, it is good to know that this poster works for any version of the Contradiction Matrix. Also interesting: Poster of the 40 Inventive Principles with examples of bionics.

Innovation posters are a meeting point for interested colleagues and an eye-catcher with real added value for your office. There are further innovation posters for the topics of technology innovation, product innovation, service and process innovation and business model innovation.

  • Innovation poster in A0 format.
  • Rolled, not folded.
  • Optimized for interior lighting.
  • Poster language German.

This poster is used in the training: Technology Innovation – 4 Days Master Class. Book your training course now and receive a poster free of charge.