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Innovation Wonder

You need an innovation? Quickly? And the shot must count? This miracle will take just a few months.

A leap in Innovation for your core business

There is no second winner in innovation. Your experience is the most important building block for the success of the next headline. From zero to market leader in the shortest possible time.

You don’t even know what to work on yet? No problem. Being open to solutions is the best prerequisite for overwhelming success. With your cross-departmental core team, we take care of the rest.

The Innovation Wonder is ideal:

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    When differentiation in the market is lacking
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    For the big leap instead of incremental optimization
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    When the next shot has to be a hit
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    For companies that really want to make a difference


Your team will develop solutions that are better than any coincidence. In harmony with management, company, customers and users, zeitgeist, today’s technology and for the future. For everyone who wants innovation NOW.

What happens in the Innovation Project?

3 to max. 6 Months:

  • Core team of  5-7 people
  • 50 – 100% work load
  • Focused workshops
  • Interim Coaching
  • Regular work sessions
  • Fixed target date

How do you work in the Innovation­ Workshop?

At any time:

1. Tight schedule
2. Crisp task description
3. Group work and discussion
4. Decisions
5. … back to 1

There is enough time to customize. However, the target date is kept. It’s a PROJECT, not a LIFE’S WORK.

Finally, the Innovation Wonder will provide:

A world first as a well-rounded overall concept.

Proof that it works.

A solid Business Case.

Clarity on how to proceed.

Benefits at a glance

30 Percent less Time-to-Market than classic product and service development
3 Months from zero to Marktable Concept, including business case, enthusiasm and implementation plan
1 Marketable product/service concept that your Customers of tomorrow are already waiting for
1 Unique Selling Point for clear differentiation in your core business

Don’t wait any longer  for inspiration and a strike of genius

Create an innovation miracle yourself.

Customer Testimonials

This secured us an order worth billions.

– Vice President Sales –

The level of innovation and maturity really surprised me!

– H. Diedrichs –
Advisory Board Member, Chemical Industry

10 tims more than we thought possible

– Project Director Engineering –
Railway Industry

Start Your innovation Leap now

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