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Innovationsberaterin Nina Defounga vor einem Konferenzpublikum


Shake things up | Get in the mood | Get going

Innovation is not something you cook in your own juices. An inspiring lecture on innovation helps to free yourself from the ballast of everyday life. TOM SPIKE delivers cross-industry experiences and dewy-eyed insights into innovation projects and theories. Prepared in a mouth-watering way and presented in a rousing manner. Lectures interactive, frontal or individual, for example on the following topics:

  • Emotion creates innovation
    Neuroscientific findings applied to successful idea development
  • Disruptive innovation
    A race against time, politics and resources
  • The patent as a driver of innovation
    Using other people’s patents and protecting your own patents
  • Game of Life
    How Gamification Triggers Motivation for Innovation

Industry focus of our talks & lectures on innovation

Our wealth of experience is mainly derived from innovation projects in industrial companies and from supporting startups. In addition, from our own experience in entrepreneurship and start-ups. Lecture topics are therefore mostly based on these use cases.

Nowhere is he who is everywhere [Lucius Annaeus Seneca]

We are happy to report on our innovation projects and experiences in organizations in the following specialist areas:

  • Automotive supplier Tier-1 to Tier-n
  • Engineering companies
  • Special machine construction and plant construction
  • Chemical industry
  • Electromobility (mobile, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Software companies
  • Owner-managed companies
  • Manufacturing and technology companies
  • Startups with innovative, atypical ideas and business models
  • Spin-offs from universities and science

Custom-made Innovation Talks

Innovation is pretty much the most unique endeavour one can pursue. Therefore off-the-shelf contents typically don’t meet given requirements and ambitions. Depending on your companies challenge, why you think innovation shall be your approach, who is supposed to do the work and many more boundary conditions, individual topics could for instance be:

  • Inspiring employees for innovation. How to do it?
  • From idea to innovation. How to get implementation going?
  • Can good ideas be designed? Or do we need a genius and the morning shower?
  • Which innovation approaches work particularly well / badly in which situations?

Interaction with the audience and practical examples from various industries are included in every talk. Individual adaptations of innovation presentations to the organization, situation and target audience are a matter of course. Also in combination with a workshop moderation, if applicable.

Are you looking for experts with experience from innovation workshops, consulting projects and cross-sector insights into companies and startups? Contact us.

TOM SPIKE innovation consultancy helps industrial and tech companies to create unique offerings for their customers. So, if you have set out to extend your product or service portfolio with really unique solutions for your customers, let’s have a talk. With our entrepreneurial, engineering and business backgrounds and experiences, you can benefit from our knowledge of best and worst practices from your industry and other industries.

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