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A strategic task for the business management, and in larger companies, for those responsible for a particular field. This is an effective starting point for cooperative innovation proposals that lead to pioneering innovation projects. By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Understand where and how innovation happens
  • Have clarity about which innovation projects ensure a secure future
  • Recognise the directions in which the company can strategically develop
  • Have experienced something wonderful and expanded your horizons.

Fields of innovation

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But where to begin? Sometimes there aren’t enough ideas, sometimes there are too many. A field of innovation is a challenge that you want to solve for your client. We’re not talking about a trifling issue here – this is a major problem that the client desperately needs resolved. Type of innovation not yet determined.

The solution may be unclear. A car tyre that doesn’t wear, a coffee cup that doesn’t create waste, the product of the future or a new business model. The innovation team is tasked with coming up with outstanding solutions. A well-defined field of innovation provides focus for the creation of successful innovations.

When does it make sense to define fields of innovation?

Your competitor’s business is booming. You want to follow suit and you only have one shot at it.
Your sector is in flux. The pressure isn’t intense just yet, but sooner or later you’re going to have to make a decision on how to proceed.
Your company is in flux. This is the best time for a new cornerstone and a green light.
Suitable innovation projects have been agreed. It’s the implementation that’s causing problems, not the aims.

Defining fields of innovation is the first step towards successful innovation. At this stage, you need to back the right horse, so it’s the perfect time to get everyone on the same page about the future you want. This means setting a concrete challenge.

Workshop schedule

2 days focussed work:

  • Icebreaker and dive in at the deep end
  • Ideality, customer focus & vision
  • Evening programme
  • Business model today
  • What does the customer really want?
  • What does the future hold? Facts & trends
  • Fields of innovation, evaluation, decision
  • Action list and next steps

How do we work in the workshop?

  1. Tight schedule
  2. Succinct task description
  3. Group work and discussion
  4. Decisions
  5. … back to 1

There is enough time to discuss controversial points. There will be no waffling: This is a WORKshop, not a TALKshop.

Finding fields of innovation: Who is the target group?


Innovation decisions are strategic decisions. The competencies and experience of the most important managers are decisive. Only those who understand and take responsibility for decisions can act as a multiplier at every level of the company. In general, that means between 7 and 12 managers.


The more diverse and interdisciplinary members of a team, the more expansive their ideas will be. Depending on the business culture, multipliers and experts from the company can be consulted. It can be an enormous advantage to occasionally involve important clients, but this tactic is to be treated with caution.

Finding fields of innovation

You are the management!
Set the course for your future before someone else does.

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