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Design Thinking Workshopteilnehmer mit Prototyp aus Papier und Pappe


In just a single day, you can pass through the whole idea of Design Thinking. End to end. Based on a real life case study. At the end of the day you will:

  • Understand, what Design Thinking is (and what not)
  • Have the knowledge how to use Design Thinking in your next project
  • Know when to go for other tools
  • Have had a wonderful time and expanded your horizon.

Design Thinking

Post-it - Wer ist der Kunde?
Workshopraum mit Teilnehmern, schnellen Prototypen und Flipcharts
Innovationsprozess Schritt 1 auf Brownpaper mit Post-its und Notizen
Workshopteilnehmer und Moderation mit Begeisterung dabei

Customers don’t know what innovation is supposed to look like. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”, Henry Ford once said. And still, it is very valuable to slip into the shoes of the customers. And sometimes in the user’s shoes.

Empathy, appreciations, up close experiences and intensive exchange is needed. Design Thinking puts the user in the center of innovation. By means of fast prototypes, customers can give direct feedback, which goes right back to the innovation team to inspire iteration and further development.

Who benefits from Design Thinking Workshops?

Design Thinking powerful and easy to learn. It provides quick access into the day-to-day innovation business. Furthermore, Design Thinking provides tangible results in very short time frames.

Prototyp aus Lego in der Hand eines Workshopteilnehmers
  • Are you uncertain in communicating with users?
  • Innovation ideas are conceptional and out of reach?
VR-Brillen-Träger und -Trägerin in Phantasiewelt
  • New ideas are rarely groundbreaking, barely different and rather boring?
  • Brainstorming does not add much value?

Invest a day and gain first hand experiences on how to apply Design Thinking in your company. You won’t find answers to your questions in yet another text book.

Für welche Innovationsarten ist Design Thinking geeignet?

Business Model Innovation
Service and Process Innovation
Product Innovation
Technology Innovation

Design thinking is powerful method to understand user problems and ideate unconventional solutions. For complex problem solving, technological barriers and restricted situations, Design Thinking is less powerful. New business models, services and products can be drafted and evaluated. To bring at least some of all those fantastic and amazing ideas into practice, further innovation tools are necessary. And there are special, powerful and tailormade tools, workshops and trainings for every type of innovation.

What is the structure of the Workshop?

  • Ice-Breaker, Empathy, Case, Leap into the Unknown
  • Persona, Value Proposition Canvas, Pains & Gains
  • Warm-up, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing
  • Storytelling, Pitch, Wrap-up
  • END

How is work done in the Workshop?

  1. Tight schedule
  2. Crisp task description
  3. Work in small groups
  4. Discuss the results
  5. … and repeat

This process holds for a Design Thinking Workshop exercise as well as for real innovation projects.

Who is the target audience for Design Thinking?

Design Thinking as advanced training

Insights and knowledge about Design Thinking is useful on all company levels and for employees from various departments. Everyone can participate and get some new inspiration. In particular, to spread the idea of customer focus. No prior knowledge required.

Design Thinking as innovation workshop

A good innovation team pairs up people from various departments, backgrounds and professions. Depending on your corporate culture, it is not always ease to mix managing directors, middle managers and experts without detailed preparation. To get the best results, mind to choose particpants wisely. Equal levels of prior knowledge on tools and methods reduce friction.

Design Thinking Workshop for your team

Of course, you can send some single participant to an open workshop format. The result might not be satisfying, though. Second hand information will not ignite the same spark within your organisation as first hand experience. Therefore our recommendation: if you want Design Thinking (or any other method) to be applied in your organisation, give your team a chance and let them have the workshop, experiences and insights together.

Design Thinking Workshop in Berlin or other Cities

  • EUR 490,- per participant
  • Plus travel/accommodation for trainers (except Berlin)
  • Catering and workshop material included

Design Thinking Workshop in your company

  • Up to 12 participants: EUR 2.940,-
  • Up to 24 participants: EUR 4.990,-
  • Plus travel/accommodation for trainers
  • Workshop material included

Design Thinking Workshop in Berlin

Join a Design Thinking Workshop in Berlin. Experiences are tailor-made. They only fit to those, who have made them.

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