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Business Case
for Innovation

First show me the business case!”
Get a business case & good argumentation for your future success.

Get certainty whether an idea will pay off

Ideas are a dime a dozen. But is the idea worth it? How much sales can we expect? What does the customer pay? And how much is it? Where’s the break even?

You know the idea and the product yourself. A good understanding of the target group, concrete added value and solid assumptions turn it into a business case. Or maybe not. Find out!

The TOM SPIKE business case for innovation is ideal:

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    For developers with good ideas and little experience in business finances
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    Against nasty surprises when entering the market
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    As a basis for specific validation of untested assumptions.
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    To get Top Management support

Do not ask Controlling. There it’s about other figures!

A business case for innovation is not an annual financial statement. Valid numbers are created through experience, assumptions, market feedback and some financial instinct. You have most of it, TOM SPIKE does the rest.

This is how your business case is created

in a maximum of 6 weeks:

  • Mission statement
  • Kick-off meeting & business case objectives
  • Review of existing documents
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Market research and validation interviews
  • Business case draft & iterations
  • Acceptance of results & feedback

You can count on it

At any time:

1. Tight schedule
2. Transparent clarification of requirements
3. Involvement of relevant stakeholders
4. Expert Reviews
5. … back to 1.

We understand you. Well enough to ask the right questions. Where there is ambiguity, we make gaps transparent and find answers for you.

The Business Case provides you:

Clarity how much potential your project really has.

Transparency on parameters on parameters to increase success.

Arguments about what to do next and why.

A solid, fact-based foundation to avoid being grilled by management or investors.

Your Advantages at a Glance

1 solid baseline for the development of profitable innovations
1 page with all the relevant facts about the profitability of ideas and potential innovations
1 Recommendation for management on whether and how innovations should be pursued further
10 answers to the most important, critical questions from executives and potential investors

Take the Step from Gut Feeling to actual Credibility

Prove the chances of success of your ideas & innovation projects.

Ensure the profitability of your innovation now

  • Business Case for Innovation | EUR 2.900* | *plus VAT

    One business case für your idea or an innovation project; including required aligment work and iterations.

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