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Basecamp for Innovation

1000 ideas – no innovation? When everyone gets lost in day-to-day business and the unique position in the market fails to materialize.

Management ready for Innovation

An entire organization can only be moved if the company management is united in one direction.

Uniqueness and innovation need the support of the entire company. Everyone pitches in. In the basecamp, the direction is determined, fields of innovation are defined and clear messages are prepared.

The Basecamp for Innovation is ideal:

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    For companies with pressure to innovate
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    If management has very ‘special needs’
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    As a kick-off for new innovative approaches
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    When time is scarce and demands are high


A strategic task for corporate management. An effective kick-off for everyone who is looking for a unique position on the market and wants to start pioneering innovation projects.

What happens in this Innovation Workshop?

2 Days compact:

  • Ice Breaker & jump into the deep end
  • Ideality, customer focus & vision
  • Evening programme
  • Business Model today
  • What do customers really want?
  • What will the future bring?
    Fakts & Trends
  • Fields for innovation, evaluation, decision
  • Action plan and next steps

How do you work in the Innovation­ Workshop?

At any time:

1. Tight schedule
2. Crisp task description
3. Group work and discussion
4. Decisions
5. … back to 1

There is enough time to discuss contentious issues. But there won’t be endless bla-bla: WORKshop, not TALKshop.

At the end of the Workshop, you will have:

Understood where your bottleneck for innovation is.

Clarity as to which innovation projects will secure your future.

Recognized where the company will strategically develop.

Experienced great things and a broadened horizon.

Benefits at a glance

5 Groundbreaking Ideas that customers will be waiting for in the years to come
2 Days of hard work, intransigence and Enthusiasm with the Management Team
1 Year faster to the point where you would oterhwise only get with a lot of trial and error
1 clear direction of where the corporate journey is going and how innovation secures your Future
0 frustrating brainstormigns, inflated creative methods and unclear results


Clarify how innovation secures your unique position in the market.

Customer Testimonials

The best event since the reorganization 8 years ago!

– H. Meierkord –
CEO, Advansa

Very professionell und unconventional

– Managing Director –
Industrial SME

Fresh and inspiring. We've started!

– M. Heinrichs –
Head of HR, Hesse-Lignal

Jetzt in Richtung Innovation starten

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